The response for questions from Zdnet is from
Dato’ Mohd Hata Robani, Group Managing Director
Malaysian Electronic Payment System (1997) Sdn Bhd
February 18, 2009

1. What systems was MEPS previously running?
Prior to the IBM z9 BC, MEPS was using the IBM 9672 Series G5 RA6 for our MEPS Interbank GIRO (MEPS IBG) operations. In the last 3 years, MEPS IBG has been recording a compounded growth rate of 52% and we are expecting similar continuous growth, especially with the government’s direction to increase the adoption of e-Payment in the country.

2. How much was the total investment for this new project?
MEPS has invested approximately RM4.35 million for the hardware and another RM0.75 million for the application software upgrade to IBM z9.

3. What systems and how many mainframes were implemented? Please provide the implantation timelines as well.
MEPS implemented two mainframes i.e. for our primary site and another at our disaster recovery site. The upgrading project work started in March 2008 and was completed end-2008.

4. How many users and transactions will the new mainframe infrastructure support?
MEPS Interbank GIRO (MEPS IBG) is an interbank fund transfer system that facilitates payments and collections via the exchanged of digitalized transactions between banks. The IBM z9 BC is for our MEPS IBG operations. Currently, MEPS IBG is operating 2-windows per day and with the new IBM z9 series, it will be able to support over 1 million transactions per window.

5. Why did MEPS chose mainframes (and not high-performance servers), and why was the IBM System z9 chosen?
As Malaysia’s leading e-ACH (Automated Clearing House), MEPS is focused on providing payment transactions that are simple, convenient and secure to both member banks and their customers. As such, we require a powerful and secure computing foundation especially to keep pace with the growing number of transactions; in this case for the MEPS Interbank GIRO (MEPS IBG) service. The IBM z9 BC has the processing capacity and bandwidth to meet such requirements. In addition, IBM z9 BC has the required security capabilities to support MEPS security requirements. MEPS is ISO/IEC: 27001 certified for Information Security Management System.

6. What concerns did MEPS have about mainframes prior to making the decision to implement IBM System z9 solution?
MEPS received proposals from several leading systems provider and upon a thorough evaluation/assessment process, we found that the IBM z9 BC met our requirements, as well as the objective of improving processing capability and bandwith to cater for the growing number of transactions.

Another important factor is that by adopting this system, our participating banks are not required to make any additional investment or changes to their current system.

7. What are the key benefits of deploying the new system?
The immediate two key benefits for MEPS are increased performance and security. As mentioned previously, the IBM z9 BC will be able to process over 1 million MEPS Interbank GIRO (MEPS IBG) transactions per window. It also provides a better level of security which is critical in our operations. We also note other capabilities of the system such as the IO connectivity, special engine, etc. which provides more room for further enhancement to overall operation in the long term.