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MEPS, together with the banking industry, was instrumental in the migration of magnetic stripe cards to chip-based cards (Payment Multi-purpose Card-PMPC) in Malaysia back in 2003; making Malaysia the first country to implement chip-based ATM cards in Asia. In this national initiative, MEPS was responsible for the development of the technical standards and specifications for the smart cards, card acceptance devices, loading and communication protocols, technical integration support and coordination of the card supply and personalization operations.

It notched another milestone when MEPS accomplished the migration from PMPC (Payment Multi Purpose Card) proprietary chip card standard to MCCS (Malaysian Chip Card Specification) EMVTM based chip card standards in 2015. A part of the national switches, MEPS provides expert guidance and assistance to the central banks, issuers and acquirer and the payment industries stakeholders throughout the journey of the MCCS implementation.

Certification Services (CS) was established in 2005 as the sole certification body for Malaysia domestic financial industry. Certification Services provides functional and security testing & assessment on chip cards, acceptance terminals, mobile payment products, payment systems, Integration or end to end testing, host validation and consulting services for the issuer and acquirer banks and relevant payment industrial stakeholders.

With more than 10-years’ experience, Certification Services owns a professional service team that’s well versed with the specifications and standards, qualified tester and equipped with qualified testing tools and equipments, and accumulates rich working experiences. Certification Services has defined a clear process and guidance all the ways through the certification with a high quality system of many cross-checks levels has been developed in coordination with the certification body and laboratory role.

At every step of the way, Certification Services adheres to strict compliance with international security best-practices and ensures the Malaysia payment infrastructures are secure, compliant and globally interoperable.

  • MEPS Brand Guideline
  • Malaysian Chip Card Specification (MCCS) SchemeThe financial industry agreed to replace the PMPC scheme with the adoption of white label EMV based specification named Malaysian Chip Card Specification (MCCS).Smart Card Services served the financial industry in ensuring the Malaysian payment infrastructures are secure, compliance and globally interoperable through the following services:

    • Managing the MCCS specification & relevant technical standard
    • Support MCCS technical integration
    • Manage the MCCS Card Personalisation License
    • Central coordinating body for MCCS related certification

    Further information required, please email to MCCS Certification Body at mccscb@paynet.my


    List of MCCS Technical Specification & Document

    No. Specification Version Effective Date
    1 PURE Specification For Developer 1.5.3g 9 January 2017
    2 PURE Contactless Reader Specification for Dual Interface Cards and Mobile PURE 2.1.8 22 July 2016
    3 MCCS Issuer Authorization Host Document 1.3 19 May 2017
    4 MCCS Acquiring System Upgrade Specifications 1.4 17 May 2017
    5 MCCS Card Personalization Profile – Dual Interface Card 1.5.2 5 November 2015
    6 MCCS Card Personalization Profile – Dual Interface Card 2.0.0 17 May 2017

    MCCS CARD TYPE APPROVAL (CTA)Card Type Approval (CTA) composed of MCCS Card Security Evaluation (CSE) and Card Functional Evaluation (CFE). CSE evaluation shall be performed by accredited laboratory and the result will be integrated with CFE process. CFE is the evaluation process to ensure the MCCS Card implementation complies with MCCS Specifications/requirements.

    MCCS PERSO SITE VALIDATION (PSV)Personalisation Site Validation (PSV) is designed to ensure the facility and process for MCCS card personalization/production meets the industry standards. Personalization validation process aims at providing a high level of confidence in interoperability and consistent behavior of the issued cards on the field.

    MCCS CARD PERSONALISATION VALIDATION (CPV)Card Personalisation Validation (CPV) testing is to ensure the MCCS card is personalized in compliance with MCCS Specifications/requirements. LoA issued shall contain necessary information in identifying the actual card personalization profiles approved.

    MCCS ACCEPTANCE DEVICE BRAND CERTIFICATION (ADBC)Acceptance Device Brand Certification (ADBC) testing is to ensure the MCCS Acceptance Device is meet the minimum criteria and configured in accordance with MCCS Specifications/requirements and complied with the appropriate connectivity and messaging interface to network.

    MCCS CONTACTLESS ACCEPTANCE DEVICE TYPE APPROVAL (CADTA)Contactless Acceptance Device Type Approval (CADTA) testing is to ensure the MCCS contactless reader implementation complies with MCCS Specifications/requirements. The evaluation scope does not include the Operating System but limited to the MCCS Contactless Kernel on the same reader that is implemented according to the MCCS specifications.

    MCCS HOST BRAND CERTIFICATIONMCCS Host Brand Certification is a process designed to ensure overall functionality of a specific Acquiring/ Issuing Messaging implementation and environment configuration are compliant with MCCS requirement.

    Further information required, please email to qa_cards_services@paynet.my