Key Highlights:

  • IJN Foundation benefiting from the Partnership in its third year sees MEPS donating RM190,000
  • Donation will be utilized to sponsor both pediatric and adult patients’ heart surgeries and to expand the IJN Dormitory
  • Patient Eva Mahtopany binti Makbul, a 30 year old mother of 3, is one of patients who stands to benefit from partnership

Kuala Lumpur (12 May 2016) – The National Heart Institute Foundation (IJNF) benefited a total amount of RM190,000 from Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS), strengthening partnership to sponsor heart patients.

En Zulkanain Kassim, Group Managing Director of MEPS handed the cheque to Yang Mulia Raja Datin Zuraida Raja Mansur, Chairman of Social and Welfare Committee, Member of the Board of Trustees on behalf of IJNF. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Azhari Yakub, Chief Executive Officer of IJN also attested to the ceremonious event held over at IJN today.

The rewarding collaboration that kicked off between the two in 2014 continues for the third year to assist costly heart treatment of less fortunate patients, both adult and pediatric. Last year MEPS helped to ease the financial burden of 5 of these patients. This year MEPS has the ardent hope of assisting another 5 selected heart patients in need. In addition to that, part of the fund contributed will be used to refurbish and expand the IJN Dormitory. The IJN Dormitory that was conceived in 2010, accommodates underprivileged families and guardians of heart patients receiving treatment at the IJN’s critical ward.

YM Raja Datin Zuraida’s feeling gratified receiving the cheque, said “Alhamdulillah, we at the foundation are indeed blessed to have the commitment of MEPS, and to have MEPS as our generous partner. We certainly hope that other corporations will join the IJN Foundation to fulfill its objectives to ease the burden of those patients in need here at IJN”. YM Raja Datin Zuraida addressed further to media, “We wish to thank you for your presence today, and it is at this juncture that we would like to highlight the importance of the coverage that you all provide us, to help ensure that readers, whether they be from the corporate sector, or individuals, are triggered by the articles and will join us in our objectives to help more patients in the future.”

IJNF who celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 2015, with their tagline ‘20 Years of Mending Hearts and Saving Lives’, has tirelessly propelled heart patient towards a brighter outlook on life. IJNF founded on 1995, is the philanthropic arm of IJN, with the aspiration to garner financial aid to fuse provisions of medical equipment, IJN’s ongoing research, and the Patient’s Assistance Programme.

One of these many patients who looks forward to gain from this Patience Assistant Program via MEPS this year is 30 year old, Puan Eva Mahtopany binti Makbul of Shah Alam. A mother of three; 6, 3 and 8 months old respectively, Eva has been struggling with a hole in her heart since birth, but however only came to learn about her misfortune last year during her third child’s pregnancy. Earning a living as an administration staff and having a husband as a technician, barely gets her through the costly expenses that tangle along heart complications. Eva present during the ceremony was humbled by generous bequest from corporate entity such as MEPS via IJNF.

A man of giving, himself, En Zulkanain motivated heart sufferers all around, “To Eva and anyone who are enduring this difficult journey, do know that you are the true unsung heroes and conquerors of battle. Keep a positive attitude; face your challenges with a brave and merry heart. I pray to God that the victory will be yours and your hearts be filled with joy. Insya-Allah.”
All guests were shown off the dorm next, which now currently accommodates up to of 28 pax with its 20 beds and 4 double decker beds. Many times a year, occupancy goes beyond available capacity which led IJNF to maneuver the IJN Dormitory refurbishment and expansion plan. MEPS comes into the picture with a contribution of additional 22 double decker beds, increasing the dorm capacity to a threefold. En Zulkanain Kassim was given the honor to sign on the wall of fame, commemorating MEPS’ contribution to the IJN Dormitory, before wrapping up the hearty event with high tea to feast all guests present.

MEPS has always stayed true to its corporate social responsibility roots, firmly believing that a giving heart would translate into core values that cascade right down to every MEPS’ citizen. Its staff are actively engaged in community-based activities as part of their work culture. This is in tandem with MEPS’ tagline, “It Matters’, where the simplest gesture makes a difference.