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What are the differences between old ATM card and new ATM card?

The new ATM card comes with enhanced security for every payment transaction and contactless feature (“Wave”) for MyDebit transaction

How do I differentiate between old ATM card and new ATM card?

The new ATM card has the “MyDebit” logo and ripple sign on the card surface

What’s the due date for the ATM card replacement?

The due date is 31st December 2017

Is the replacement compulsory?

Yes, the replacement is compulsory

What happen if I do not replace my existing ATM card?

The cardholder can’t perform any payment transaction at any ATM and MyDebit POS terminal from 1 st January 2018

How do I replace my existing ATM card?

The cardholder must replace the ATM card at respective banks

Will the new ATM card be delivered to me?

Please contact your respective banks due to some banks offer some flexibility in card replacement process

Is there any charges/fee imposed on me to change the existing ATM Card?

No charges/fee will be imposed for the replacement

How secure is the new ATM card?

All transaction will require a PIN entry to reduce the risk. Each transaction includes a unique code generated by the chip that changes with each purchase, thereby preventing fraudsters from replaying information read from the chip to make payments.

How to make a payment transaction at ATM & POS terminal using the new ATM card?

The cardholder will experience the same process for performing any payment transaction at ATM & MyDebit POS terminal using the new ATM card

How do I perform Contactless (“Wave”) transaction?

In order to make a payment, you simply need to tap your card with a contactless interface to the terminal reader when prompted.

Can I perform Contactless (“Wave”) transaction in ATM?

No, the Contactless (‘Wave”) transaction can be used at merchant POS terminal reader with contactless capability

Is PIN required for Contactless (“Wave) transaction?

PIN is not required for transaction up to RM250 in a single receipt. If the transaction exceed RM250, you are required to enter your PIN

Is the Cardholder liable for fraud contactless purchase?

In the unlikely event of fraud, you will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges or unauthorized purchases made using the contactless feature on your chip card. You must notify respective banks immediately or as soon as reasonably possible of any unauthorized card use or any suspicious activities

Who should I contact/refer to find out more details about the new ATM card?

If the question the cardholders have is not on the list, they can contact their respective financial institutions that issued the card as they hold the account’s information. Find out more about the new ATM card from the respective bank's website.